Thursday, December 29, 2011

What to do with sick littles...

Give them warm chamomile tea with lemon and honey and read them Winnie the Pooh, of course!  Well, for as long as they'll sit still that is.  We went south for Christmas... whenever we travel? We all come home sick.  But it was a wonderful trip, the children had a great time visiting my parents and so did I.  Sometimes I really wish we lived closer, though we're only two hours away... sometimes it feels like we are more like twenty.

So, as I am tending sick little ones, I have not gotten much beading done, but... what I have done I am very proud of :)  I managed to put together one bracelet and a necklace.  I'm going to share the bracelet with you for now.  In my head I am calling it... The Key to Love... though with the new keyword thing in Etsy putting titles on things is tricky.  Regardless... this is all born out of a fantastic tile from JLynn Jewels:

Don't you love it?  ;)  The colors... the texture, the wood burning.. I added plenty of Fallen Angel Brass Co. brass, of course... including this little key that I am totally just swooning over.  I used jasper, sapphire, wood beads, opal, sodalite and delicious navy blue sari silk.  I wanted something to... bring to mind the softness, depth, and peacefulness that can be found in real love.  While making this bracelet I was pondering how there are so many different types of love... so many ways to love... to show love... to feel it.  How it is possible to love everyone in your family deeply, but differently.  Which makes sense, really, because every person is different, so how could we not love them as they need to be loved?  Or at least try.  Coming to the end of this year, this 2011, I am realizing that love is important to me.  Or rather... how much my desire to find a type of love, a way to love, all of the amazing people in my life.. that is important to me.  Love means many things, is many things, but I think... the most wonderful thing about love is its ability to grow.

Now if only we could all find a way to let it grow... hmph, there I go rambling again.  Well, sweet friends, I love all of you, and am so grateful for your kindness, your support.  It is an honour to be part of your lives :)

Love one another... as best you can :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I realized... I never said Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful friends!  Merry Christmas, to all of you, albeit a bit late.  I am so very very grateful for all of you!

May your holidays be oh so very merry and bright!


P.S. I promise a decent post a bit later this week, still recovering from our whirlwind trip to visit my parents lol.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ornament Swap Blog Hop!

Hello everyone!  I want to thank Sally Russick (of Wireworked fame) for hosting this awesome exchange and blog hop in the spirit of the season!  I'm so excited to be a part of it :)  My partner was the wonderful Sandi Volpe, I encourage you to check out her webpage (beyond her blog post) she is an incredibly talented artist :)

I, being the scatterbrained mother of three that I am, forgot to take pictures of my ornament before I sent it off *hangs head in chagrin*.  So Sandi was kind enough to take a picture of it for me :)

I wanted to create something... beautiful, but unusual.  Any of you who know me very well know I have a complete obsession with Fallen Angel Brass Co. brass... and I'm a total addict for their wire :).  So I decided I wanted to create a little snow whirlwind for Sandi.  I filled a longish piece of wire with frosted glass seed beads and twisted them round into a spiral, then added a gorgeous blue boro bead from Iris Art Glass.  Beneath the boro I've twisted and hung sparkling swarovski crystals.  Simple but I think it hangs well and I hope the boro will shimmer and the swarovskis sparkle on her tree :)

Here is the absolutely BEAUTIFUL piece, Sandi made me :)

Isn't it lovely???  You can learn more about it on her blog post :)  Here are the links for the rest of the wonderful ladies in the hop!  Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I know, I owe you guys a really good post... but I've been sick and I'll be honest, my brain isn't up to it lol.  So instead, I am going to make this picture heavy and show you some of my new pretties :)  I've finally been able to get to work with my new Marsha Neal goodies! Marsha has such incredible talent, each of her ceramic pieces, pendant or tiles, is just filled with beauty.  And each one is so unique!  I love her glazes, each one has its own appeal, this set of earrings I'm calling "Caramel Toffee"  can you guess why? ;)

"Black Magic"

"Peach and Raspberry Sorbet"

And some gorgeous enameled beads from Sally Russick of Wireworked, they have this delightful crackle finish to them, it is just amazing!  I'm calling them "Sweet Sunshine":

A gorgeous tile from Marie Cramp of Skye Jewels (this one I dubbed "Queen Bee") and Fallen Angel Brass Co. brass.  Marie's tiles are always so lovely, this one has the prettiest soft green color, and I love wrapping her tiles in Fallen Angel Brass filigree!

Click on any of the pics to be taken to the Etsy shop for more images and a description!  Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season :)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Artists Helping Artists Silent Auction

Artists Helping Artists Silent Auction

Several artists in the blog community have decided to band together to help a fellow artist in need. 
Have you ever felt adrift?  Had something happen in your life that left you a bit stunned, a bit helpless?  Have you ever needed a helping hand?  Wished for someone to lean on?  I have.  We artists have become friends thanks to the amazing world of blogging... and we are all banding together to help a fellow artist.  We all have our roots in a love for creativity and are reaching out to help ground a friend in need.  I have donated to the cause, will you?

I created this piece for the Bead Soup Blog Party (here is my post for more info) and it is beautiful.  It features a gorgeous copper pendant from the Queen Bee mines in Arizona, fire agate, jasper, and suede cord.  I chose this piece because the layered circles remind me of love and friendship... they are intertwined... connected.  If a piece was lost then the entire pendant would be less stable, each circle makes the other stronger.

My partner from the challenge, Elisabeth Auld made the clasp herself.  It is a beautiful and vibrant piece.  It's full length is approximately 18", the pendant measures approximately 2" across and 1.75" down.

Would you like to be the winning bidder?

Please leave a comment along with your bid. If you are the winning bidder, you will receive an invoice after the close of the auction. There must be a way to contact you. If you have email preferences turned off in your profile, please leave your email.

Bidding will begin at $25 
(shipping is included, USA residents only, sorry!)
Bids will be taken through Sunday, December 11th at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Many people are auctioning items to help out! Please visit these the other artists below and place your bid!  ALL proceeds of this auction will be donated to the cause!  :)  Thank you!

List of participants:

Marie Cramp & Lori Anderson
Barbara Bechtel & Staci Smith
Erin Fickert-Rowland
Amanda Cargill Austin

Feel free to return and bid again!

Happy bidding!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I took this yesterday morning :)

For my Color Challenge post go HERE

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things... did a random post this morning and has inspired me to do one of my own :).

I love mist.  I especially love jogging in the mist.  It makes me feel as if I'm on some mystical isle... going to encounter something magical any moment.

I still think dewdrops are magical.

Ice on a spider web is art.

I love coffee.  Currently drinking mine with heated milk and Torani's hazelnut syrup.

I alternate peppermint and cinnamon in my hot chocolate.  Year round.

I love jogging to a random assortment of music... very random.  This morning?  Four by Blues Traveler, Brand New Day by Demi Lovato (from Camp Rock 2), Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R., Faster by Matt Nathanson, and Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 were among my tunes.

I am addicted to roasted garlic Melba Snacks.

My son has this little wicked laugh that makes me laugh till I cry (he's 21 months).  It is awesome.

My elder daughter is smarter than I am I think.  It terrifies me (she's 5).

My younger daughter is definitely more athletic than I am... she just turned four.

Bing Crosby is my favorite Christmas music.

Yup.  Randomness.  Thanks, Lori, for the inspiration :).  Tell me... what random things are on your mind?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another quick post..

For my Color Challenge post go HERE

Frost yesterday morning on my jog:

I feel like a bad blogger... I'm always thinking I should blog... but in between trying to work, chasing three kids, cleaning house... getting ready for Christmas... there never seems enough time!  So what can I show you right now?  Hmm... well, let's see... I have a few pieces I've been trying to get pics of but the weather has been rather uncooperative every time I actually make it out there lol.  But I did take some (rather awful) pics with my ipod so that I can show you the absolutely GORGEOUS pendants I got from Marsha Neal Studio's destash sale... a couple I bought, most I got with a gift certificate I won in one of her totally awesome like-fests on her FB page.  I had so much fun getting to know her throughout her sale, she is one amazingly cool and fun lady!  So here are the pendants, some I started playing with and are wire wrapped and even on a bit of sari ribbon or cord.
 I haven't finished anything with them yet, though I am in love with the orange one with the copper and the orange and pink sari silk... I think I'm going to add a bit of copper chain maybe? I just ordered some chain, hopefully it will be in this week.  Her pendants are seriously to die for in person, the colors of the glazes, the pretty details...  I forgot to take a picture of the one I've been wearing, I'll have to do that later so you can see :)  It's my favorite lol.  I will keep you updated on what I do with these, playing with them is fun!  Hopefully I will have a couple of them up in the shop this week in time for Christmas!

Here are all of Marsha's links:

I did manage to get a couple of items up in my shop this week amazingly.  My favorite of them is this one, it's called "Sparks Fly" a perfect stocking stuffer in my opinion *wink*:

Vintaj hand stamped blank (I LOVE my stamps, this font just makes me happy), swarovski crystals in shades of red, and a gorgeous silk cord from Marsha Neal Studio in a deep blue.  I also added two other cute hand stamped pieces and a pair of fabulous earrings, go check them out!  If you are a FB fan I have a sale code on my page :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!  What are you up to?