Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Color Blog Challenge!!!

Ok, I might be a wee bit excited about this... just a wee bit... I had so much fun with this.  When I saw that Erin was doing a challenge involving colors... and these amazing palettes by Jessica Colaluca of Design Seeds... well, I had to give it a go!  I knew I was going to be super busy with craft shows and holidays and my daughter's fourth birthday... so I chose blue because I'm comfortable with it.  I know, I know, seems like I wimped out, right?  Well, not really, the palette chosen for me has colors I've never used before!  I was so excited to get it!

Isn't it amazing?  You can click on the pic and go straight to the image on her site and tell her how awesome it is :)  So the colors I had the most trouble with were the middle three... three colors I've never used.  Sort of a beige-y, cargo khaki-y... I like it, but man was it hard to find just the right beads!  And then that lovely soft grey and the darker grey with the hint of blue to it... so... ready to see what I came up with?

So let's briefly talk about what's here...  there's the sky blue seed beads, of course.  I have to admit, I do not normally work with seed beads, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone some and thought this would be perfect.  The blue amazonite jasper rounds are one of my new favorite things, I think they are just gorgeous.  Then there are three different shades and sizes of fire agate... dark brown, khaki, and shades of grey with a hint of blue.  I also added two wickedly fabulous enameled beads by Sally Russick of Wireworked (she totally rocks, in case you were wondering).  All of the gorgeous metal is Fallen Angel Brass (they are such cool ladies!).  And the perfect little heart is by Janice of JLynn Jewels (who is the sweetest!), I used it because the colors fit the scheme... and the swirls reminded me of the branches of the tree in the pic :).  Here's one last close up of the beads:

Now!  Onward!  Many more fantastic blogs to check out :) Thank you so much to Erin for organizing this!!  Can't wait to see what everyone else did!  Oh, and I've decided to leave my sale up in my shop another day or two... so feel free to check it out! Thanks so much for dropping in :)


Here's the rest of the list!!

Here is the official list:
1Norma TurveyTealColor Crave
2Jeannie DukicGreenMineral Tones
3Mary McGrawTealEmbellished Hues
4Jo TinleyRedDecadent Tones
5Rebecca AndersonPinkTulip Tones
6Kristi JaroRedTemple Entrance
7Stephani GormanGreenDew Tones
8Melissa MemanGreenFruit Star
9Kathleen Lange KlikTealSilk Hues
10Cynthia RiggsRedAutumn Comfort
11Heidi PostTealFlora Bright
12Cece CormierTealMerino Teal
13Amy FreelandGrayCultured Tones
14Alice PetersonBlueIsland Play
15Rose NobleGrayAutumn Stacked
16Kristina JohanssonYellowSunny Flower
17Kirsi LuostarinenTealDragon Hues
18Tari KahrsOrangeCitrus Tones
19Mallory HoffmanPurplePetaled Dark
20Molly AlexanderBrownPeppered Tones
21Regina SanterreRedFrosted Berry
22Emanda JohnsonTealColor Purl
23Amy SeverinoOrangeWinged Tones
24Bobbie RaffertyTealLime Hues
25Tanya GoodwinGrayPecked Tones
26Lisa LodgeBlueNocturnal Tones
27Hope SmithermanBlueBloom Tones
28Linda LandigGreenCacti Dark
29Ambra GostoliTealPerched Autumn
30Lori Bowring-MichaudBlueSharpened Blue
31Pippa ChandlerTealHungarian Hues
32Keirsten GilesPurpleMineral Brights
33Jennifer JustmanBlueAutumn Rays
34Sandy RichardsonPurpleMoroccan Brights
35CJ BauschkaTealTeal Air
36Shaiha WilliamsTealSushi Hues
37Kay ThomersonPurpleAutumn Spectrum
38Sally RussickPurpleGolden Gate Tones
39Cilla WatkinsPurpleAutumn Infused
40Shirley MoorePurpleFrozen Heather
41Jenni ConnollyGrayPaw Tones
42Tamara SoperGreenField Tones
43Sharyl McMillian-NelsonBlueNested Blues
44Jen VelasquezPinkSweetened Tints
45Maria GrimesRedBright Bloom
46Elisabeth AuldGrayPetaled Tints
47Susan KennedyPinkZinnia Tones
48Shannon ChomanczukGrayAutumn Leaf
49Holly WestfallYellowSprinkled Tones
50Patty GasparinoRedColor Carton
51Angela LittlePinkSingapore Brights
52Lizzie ZawinskiGreenBudding Hues
53Kristen StevensPinkScooped Tones
54Dawn DoucetteBrownJarred Tones


  1. Lovely bracelet, I love multistranded pieces and a great interpretation of this cool palette.

  2. This is great - I love the multistrands and the whole design works brilliantly!

  3. That is a beautiful color palette! I love your design and the art beads you incorporated!

  4. love your palette, your creation is very pretty....

  5. Your piece really does the image from the inspiration palette justice. Both are really something special. For not working with seed beads often, you really did a great job. The bracelet turned out fabulously!

  6. So pretty. I love the little heart. The enameled beads are so pretty and the seed beads compliment everything so well.

  7. You nailed that palette, Miss Jennifer! I love the mix of layers and shapes and the colors, oh my! That little heart is the perfect addition. I am delighted that you joined me in playing with color! Thank you for playing along in the challenge!
    Enjoy the day!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! You did a wonderful job in taking from the color palette and making a unique piece that ties them all together flawlessly. :)

  9. LOVE THIS!! The color palette and the layers are fantastic!! Beautiful!!
    Thanks for the shout out about the enameled beads!!!

  10. Love love the designs and the color is so soothing
    Be blessed to be a blessing

  11. seriously this is so fabulous! the mix of beads are genius! I'm crushing on that heart. Drool

  12. A beautiful bracelet! I love the fire agate beads and the little sky blue seed beads! And that wood charm is so sweet!

  13. Well, I'd call it a success! The bracelet is great, and matches the palette. Nice!

  14. Great design Jennifer! The photo all on it's own is so thought provoking. I think you did a fabulous job of pulling all those colors together in a harmonious design!

  15. Wow - I really LOVE this design and the way you pulled all these colors together. The heart charm is just perfect.

  16. Don't you just love fire agates. I think you did your color palette justice with your great design.

  17. I would wear this bracelet all the time - I love the design! It pulls the colors from your palette beautifully, and comes together in a gorgeous, versatile and wearable design. Lovely!

  18. Wow, that is a great colour palette to work with Jennifer. I love those three middle colours with the beautiful sky blue. You did a great job of putting the colours together - it has such a tranquil feel about it. Lovely bracelet!

  19. I am in awe with this bracelet. Heck I have issues with designing one strand let alone multiples.

  20. A very pretty piece. I love that little heart with it. And the enameled beads are great.

  21. I love it - you did a great job with your unfamiliar middle colors. I would totally wear this bracelet - the little heart dangle makes it!

  22. The colors may have been outside your comfort zone, but you did a great job of finding a way to interpret it - I like the way you used the fire agate (that's one of my favorite gemstones to use, too!)

  23. Beautiful job, jennifer..your bracelet is the perfect interpretation of your lovely palette....I would wear this for sure...I love a multi strand look...beautiful art bead additions.

  24. Oh wow! That is just beautiful! The quality of the beads just jumps out of the screen. your choices were perfect, so awesome!

  25. You have captured the beauty of blues and browns so perfectly. Love your bracelet, a very nice combination of beads.

  26. Oh wow what a gorgeous palette!!!Love this combination - I don't think I would ever come up with this on my own - but it's stunning! I might be a little addicte to color palettes lol. The grey and blue together look amazing!

  27. Beautiful interpretation of your palette! I like how you mixed different bead sizes to create interest in the design. Well done!

  28. Very nice! The heart charm really added the 'wild' element in. Nice work :)

  29. This is beautiful, those lovely loops of blue give the whole piece such a fresh feel but it is totally grounded with the eads you have used to echo the natural tones of the rest of the pallette. This is definitely one of my favourites, I will be back to check out more of your work and be inspired again!Thank you!

  30. That little heart is so sweet!
    Nice bracelet!


  31. I love this palette, and you did an incredible job!

  32. Love it! The palette is great and you did a fantastic job!


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