Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time is a thief...

I don't know where time has gone, I really don't... it just seems to fly faster and faster every day.  Autumn is definitely here, the weather is cold and the leaves are falling.  My three little ones are getting bigger by the moment it seems.  My middle is going to be FIVE in a month, five!  I am not quite sure how that happened.  I have been desperately trying to make new goodies for the shop and prepare for the Christmas rush, yes, I know... it isn't even Halloween yet!  But when it comes to shipping... better to order early than late :)  Here are some of the pieces I've been working on (some of which are already up in the shop!

More Autumn inspired deliciousness Collage Take 2

I am hoping to find time to do plenty more, my mind is bursting with ideas... but that time thief keeps interrupting.  After all, what would my days be like if I didn't spend that extra few minutes playing blocks or puzzles with my son?  Or listening to my girls' tales?  Or dancing with them?  Time is a thief, sweet friends, things lately have taught me that.  Thank you for being here... thank you for reading.  I know I've been a bad bad blogger, but I am so grateful for all of you.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pay It Forward Chosen...

Well...  I waited and waited but only got two (out of three) people who wanted to do my Pay it Forward giveaway  (see my last post HERE if you are curious).  And those two lovely ladies are:

Christine Hansen  of


Jenni  of

So excited ladies!  I'm sorry I'm behind on emailing you, I will try to get to that today!!  :)

As for everyone else, as I didn't get the full three for my Pay It Forward, if you go and read my last post  (you must read it to learn how to play :) ) and want to throw your name in the hat go ahead and comment on that post (the last post, link HERE).  You must have a blog and you must agree to do a like minded giveaway :).  I will leave it open for one more week, next Saturday the first person to post after Jenni on that last post will also get a surprise gift sometime in the next 365 days!

In other news... I have been trying to keep making new pieces, but my camera and my computer still don't like each other and it is making me horrendously slow.  Hoping to make a few new pieces and get  them uploaded and on my Etsy sometime in the next week!  In the meantime I am having a big sale in my shop to compensate for the lack of new listings!  All you have to do is use the code:  CELEBRATE in the coupon code box at checkout in my Etsy shop for 35%!  Sale going through Sunday night (and maybe even Monday if I'm feeling extra nice ;) ).  Links to my shop over to the right in the sidebar!

Here are three new pieces, two of which I did manage to get up into the shop!

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!