Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bead Soup!

Ohhhh, I am so excited!  My amazing partner Elisabeth (Beads for Busy Gals) sent me the most incredible collection of goodies for my bead soup!  It is absolutely gorgeous!  Ready?

Isn't the tin so pretty? *happy sigh* I do so love pretty packaging!

And then I opened it...

The focal Elisabeth sent is from the Queen Bee Mine in Arizona!  She sent me this picture from her trip there! Isn't that so amazing?  And then....

This is the amazingly beautiful clasp she made for me!  Isn't she so talented?

And then... it kept getting better and better!

Isn't the copper focal just divine?  I cannot wait to get started!  I literally squealed like a little girl when I opened this box of beautiful things!  Elisabeth is just so wonderful!  I am so very fortunate in my fabulous partner, am I not?  *happy dance*  I hope she likes what I sent her half as much as I like what she sent me!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blah Days

Do you ever have those days?  Blah days?  Days where you just would rather stay in bed?  I do.  I've had several of those lately... and it was starting to affect my work.  So I took a couple of days off and then was able to get back to work :)  I managed to do a pair of earrings for Heather's Dragonfly challenge last week that I really love.  I didn't win, but hey, it was fun to try!

I love the way they turned out :) And if you love them too they are for sale in my shop now.  I'm now pulling out those autumn colors and have started designing a bracelet which should be done today I think! Yay!

And last but not least... I got my Bead Soup buddy!  Elisabeth Auld of Beads for Busy Gals!  She is such a cool lady!  I am sooooo excited!  I finished my soup for her now I just need to get it mailed off!  We've started chatting and I have visited her really cool Etsy shop, make sure you check out her blog and her Etsy!  She's amazing!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Carnivals Lead to Autumn

It's odd, but even though carnivals and fairs are truly the children of summer they remind me that autumn is coming.  Perhaps it is because growing up our fair was always so deep into August that school was just around the corner.  So today begins the voting on the Carnival Ferris Wheel Challenge at the Vintaj blog, which I have an entry in... *wink* number two if anyone is interested.  And it made me realize that my favorite season is whispering sweet somethings on the edges of the summer breeze.  So... I have a few links for you and my first autumn inspired piece :)

First, the Vintaj Carnival Ferris Wheel Challenge link:

Next... I made an autumn inspired treasury on Etsy this morning, featuring many of my favorite Etsians:

And lastly, though I adore the warm fall colors, I was inspired by the cool autumn breezes to create this bracelet:

I've been feeling a little blue... so maybe that's why the cool breeze struck me more than the changing leaves... but I know that the gorgeous autumn golds, browns, oranges, and reds will be inspiring me soon.  Happy Monday, everyone!


Monday, August 1, 2011


I love Vintaj... and I mean LOVE.  I might be becoming slightly obsessed.  I love their brass, it's just so beautiful!  And all of the ladies who work there are just so cool, so inspiring, so fun!  I love to read their blogs, to see their creations... and, of course, to enter their contests and giveaways :).  I just finished a piece for their carnival ferris wheel challenge and need to photograph and send in my submission... In the meantime, they are having a giveaway!  A gorgeous selection of Vintaj AND gorgeous beads from Creative Impressions in Clay!  How exciting is that?  Check it out on their blog:
If I win... I solemnly swear to create beautiful jewelry with all of the goodies ;)  If you win, I swear I will cheer!  :)

Regardless, I still love Vintaj and am looking forward to submitting my piece for their latest challenge!  I'll post a pic after they have finished accepting submissions on Friday.  For now, here is my piece from their Caribbean Sunset Design Challenge (which I didn't win, but was fun!!!)

Happy Monday, everyone! :)