Friday, July 29, 2011


Some days I wonder if everyone who creates has as random inspiration as I do... sometimes I see something, and it could be anything, and think "oh!  what if I could capture that in a bracelet?".  Other times I just start randomly pulling beads or chain out of my desk and begin putting them together.  Most often my pieces are inspired by a memory, a song, a smile... a feeling.

Three of my latest creations were inspired by a woman whose work I have been fawning over for some time now, an incredible artist named Karen Totten.  She makes the most beautiful ceramic pendants.  I finally was able to purchase a set and ooh, I let out a squeal of joy when they arrived.  Opening the package was like opening a present, she even put them in a pretty box with a bow!  And included a little gift... which I am looking forward to playing with, for now I put it on the ribbon and am wearing it most days *happy sigh*.  I love this woman!  Anyway, once I got past the initial goodies and pulled out the ones I had ordered... I fell in love.  This woman has the most amazing talent.  They are so beautiful!  Even more in person than on the listing.  I had originally been planning on putting them with a lot more beads... but they were so pretty I didn't want to distract from the pendants and kept the necklaces simple and beautiful.  I am rather in love with them myself :)

They look heavy, but they aren't at all.  The pendants are delightfully light and the gorgeous Vintaj chain is as well.  I am so happy with the results!  And the last piece I did was a bracelet featuring a little ivory connector... it reminded me of a bottle cap so I did a summer soda inspired bracelet :)  It is so fun!

Red agate, green jasper, rosewood rondelles.... it reminds me of orange and lime sodas :)  I love it!  You should go check out Karen's blog and her FB page!  She's a very cool lady and I will definitely be using her beautiful ceramics again!

Alright, back to work... housework that is!  Happy Friday everyone!  :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Caribbean Dreams

It has been a crazy week... absolutely crazy.  The temperature hit the 80s hard and with no a/c... it's been warm lol.  Not to mention humid, very.  It's been making the kids a bit cranky, so we've spent some quality time in the shade of our maple tree playing in the sprinkler.  Praise the Lord for sprinklers!  :)

Along with the heat, I have been preparing for that craft show I told you all about.  I'm so excited!  But wow, I still have so much I want done before Saturday and here it is Thursday already!  I don't know where the time goes.  This is one of those weeks I long for a house elf, or a maid.... or a genie.  Or something!  If I had the help I could spend so much more time creating!  I did somehow manage to finish two pieces last night that I am totally excited about.  Another gorgeous pendant and a Starry Night inspired bracelet.  I did manage to post a bracelet and two pairs of earrings in the shop this week.... check them out:

I had a lot of fun with these, the Touch of Lime earrings I just love the peridot... so gorgeous!  They are micro-faceted and just dance in sunlight.  The bracelet and second set of earrings just evolved from the freshwater pearls which I love... they are just so creamy and sweet and paired with the jade?  Blue sky and sweet drifting clouds... perfect summer day set.

In other news... I entered my very first contest!  The challenge was to create a Caribbean Sunset inspired piece of jewelry using the fabulousness of Vintaj brass.  I love Vintaj, LOVE!  Brass is the most gorgeous metal... it softer than gold and just.. evokes earlier times.  I have totally fallen hard for it ;)  And have been using more and more of it in my creations.  So I was very excited for an excuse to use more!  I turned in my contest photo last week, which I won't show you all quite yet... but here are some photos of my work in progress and my work station.  In case anyone was curious what craziness really looks like *wink*.

This is what my desk usually looks like when I'm creating... covered in materials. lol.  I love the tropical colors... the warm gold of the honey jade, the punchy hot pink jade, aqua cracked agate...  so gorgeous all of them!  The voting for the contest starts next week and I will post the link for y'all when it starts!  I'm so excited!

Ok, time to get back to work!  Will try to post again soon!  I'm excited to share the new work I did last night with you when I have pics ready!