Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And the rain came pouring down...

I saw a headline this morning that declared yesterday the first unofficial day of summer in the US, it made me laugh a little because it is raining like mad here in Salem.  Don't get me wrong, I love the rain, love it.  But I have to admit I wouldn't mind a bit more sunshine lately :).  This last weekend was my husband's birthday and he had two close friends come and stay with us, the kids had an absolute blast.  They love having guests so much!  We have yet to make his birthday cupcakes because my bananas decided not to ripen quickly enough *sigh* so the banana/chocolate/coconut cupcakes will have to wait until they are ready.  We had ice cream instead, which we decided was a fair substitute :-D

Somehow I managed to finish up four bracelets for posting even with the guests!  They are up in my Etsy store as of this morning :)  Two with a sweet vintage feel, Spring Whisper and Victorian Amethyst, and two in anticipation of the warmth of summer, Summer Sunset and Pandora.  I also finished a couple of special orders last week, including my first matched set, an ocean sunset themed necklace and bracelet which shimmered with blue opals... absolutely gorgeous!  I have two pairs of beautiful lampwork earrings ready to be photographed and listed as soon as the sky brightens a bit as well.  Feeling rather accomplished today! ;)

I have a handful more special orders I am very excited to begin work on... not to mention a few other ideas swirling in my head... as I begin working I might just have to come back here and ramble a bit. We'll see :)  For now I need to get my son down for his afternoon nap!  Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Introducing... Me.

You know what I truly dislike?  Attempting to describe myself.  I've discovered this recently, I hadn't really thought about it before... but I do not like it when someone (or something, like an application...) says "tell us a bit about yourself" or something along those lines.  Why?  Because I never know what to say.  How can you sum up who you are in a few words?  Every person on the planet is so many things... amazing things.  Each of us has so many facets, little truths that make up who we are.  So asking me to say who I am in a short paragraph, or a few words... seems so very inadequate.  Not because I'm this incredible person, I'm not... but ask me who I am?  I'm always tempted to just say... "Me".

What do I love?  Another question that makes me rather exasperated.  I love so many things... when asked that I want to ask back... could you be more specific?  What do I love to do?  Sing.  Read.  Write.  Dance.  Laugh.  Play.  But each of those things has it's own set of answers.  What do I love to sing?  Honestly, most anything, I love music... all kinds of music.  What music do I like to sing most?  Jazz and blues.  It was a passion I developed in high school, thank you Mr. Hutto (my HS choir instructor), you have given me a love that will never die!  Favorite jazz singer?  Now that also is a many faceted answer, but I won't bore you to tears today going into it.  I will say instead that the first jazz singer I ever loved was Ella Fitzgerald.  What do I love to read?  Another one with so many answers, I love to read all sorts of things... from fantasy, classical literature, biographies, to cookbooks, books on animals, plants... and of course, as the mother of three, I love to read children's books as well.  My escapist literature?  Definitely fantasy.  Favorite fantasy author?  Mercedes Lackey.  She is absolutely fabulous!  Write... what do I love to write?  Fiction.  I love to write fiction... I also write fairly terrible poetry.  Hey, an English degree has to be good for something right?  The other three I will leave to your imagination for now.  If you keep reading my blog I am certain you will learn how I dance, what I laugh at, and how I play.  ;-)

Among the other things I love is beading... which if you are reading this, you likely know already.  I just opened up an Etsy shop last month and am pretty darn excited about it!  I'm currently working on a handful of custom orders and as always about a dozen other projects that need to be sorted and or put together.  *sigh* There aren't enough hours in the day, I swear it.  It's hard to get work done while the kids are up, but I'm working on that.  Hopefully the older the get, the easier it will be, right?  At least once they are all in school they might stop sneaking into my supplies to peek.  *wink*  Right... like that will ever happen.  Oh well, I love them madly, hopefully they don't actually drive me mad...

And that brings me to the greatest love of my life... my family!  I have a wonderful husband and three amazing kids.  They are all brilliant, beautiful, and absolutely perfect in every way... ok, ok, so they aren't perfect.  And I might be a bit biased on the other two as well...  But they are mine and I do love them so very much. My husband, Eli, just finished his first year of law school, what insanity that has been!  He's in summer term now, which is also crazy, but slightly less so.  Hopefully we will get to see his smiling face around more.  My children, Addy (who will be five next month), Julie (3), and Toby (1) are so excited that they might actually get to see more of him they can't stand it.  They worship their daddy, of course.  Now if only they were as in awe of me... maybe they would listen better?  Or perhaps that is a feeble hope ;-).

Alright, I think that's enough for now, I will attempt to put up at least a post a week... maybe even more if I'm feeling ambitious lol.  You never know, it could happen!

~~~  Jenn