Friday, July 29, 2011


Some days I wonder if everyone who creates has as random inspiration as I do... sometimes I see something, and it could be anything, and think "oh!  what if I could capture that in a bracelet?".  Other times I just start randomly pulling beads or chain out of my desk and begin putting them together.  Most often my pieces are inspired by a memory, a song, a smile... a feeling.

Three of my latest creations were inspired by a woman whose work I have been fawning over for some time now, an incredible artist named Karen Totten.  She makes the most beautiful ceramic pendants.  I finally was able to purchase a set and ooh, I let out a squeal of joy when they arrived.  Opening the package was like opening a present, she even put them in a pretty box with a bow!  And included a little gift... which I am looking forward to playing with, for now I put it on the ribbon and am wearing it most days *happy sigh*.  I love this woman!  Anyway, once I got past the initial goodies and pulled out the ones I had ordered... I fell in love.  This woman has the most amazing talent.  They are so beautiful!  Even more in person than on the listing.  I had originally been planning on putting them with a lot more beads... but they were so pretty I didn't want to distract from the pendants and kept the necklaces simple and beautiful.  I am rather in love with them myself :)

They look heavy, but they aren't at all.  The pendants are delightfully light and the gorgeous Vintaj chain is as well.  I am so happy with the results!  And the last piece I did was a bracelet featuring a little ivory connector... it reminded me of a bottle cap so I did a summer soda inspired bracelet :)  It is so fun!

Red agate, green jasper, rosewood rondelles.... it reminds me of orange and lime sodas :)  I love it!  You should go check out Karen's blog and her FB page!  She's a very cool lady and I will definitely be using her beautiful ceramics again!

Alright, back to work... housework that is!  Happy Friday everyone!  :)

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