Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Late late glad post!

Argh!  I am not doing so well with my Monday posts *wince*, it's Wednesday!  Last week I didn't do it at all because I was so busy working on my Challenge of Music post, but.. this week I don't know what it is.  I think it's been the rotten week I've had leeching into everything else.  So here we go, time to find seven things....

I'm glad for...

1)  My online friends.  They keep me sane ;)

2)  Pink.  Oddly it hasn't been a favorite color since I was six... but I discovered this week how much I do like it.

3)  Briony.  My new girl, specially made for me by my awesome friend Sarah of Kaleidoscope Kustoms.  There was a ton of thought and love put into every part of this girl.  My friend Christine made her awesome Skinny Scalp just for her :).  I hand stamped her pull charm and it has a short version of a favorite quote of mine:  "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."  -- Cousteau
One pull on ;)

4)  Gulls.

5)  My son's eyes.  They are blue with shots of green around the pupil.

6)  Vintage or vintage inspired dresses.  So awesome.

7)  Stamping metal.  Great stress relief!  ;)

One last thing...  Technically the Ides of March is the 15th, but as I'm having one of those weeks where every day feels like Monday... Im going to try to spread a little joy with a sale starting today and running through the 15th instead ;) Use the coupon code: IDESOFMARCH for 15% off any purchase over $10!     Go shop it... HERE

Hope you are having a great week, my friends <3



  1. I keep thinking it is Monday too... This hour change must have really thrown our bodies and minds off. :)

    She is beautiful!!!

    1. I know, my clock is so off!!! Eek!

      Thank you!! I love her so much! You should see her eyelids, Marsha, they are so awesome LOL

  2. me too, i thought it was mon!! omg :)

    congrats on bree-oh-nee. LOL

    1. LOL! Good girl, good memory ;) Love ya, Lauren! <3


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