Thursday, May 22, 2014

Geek Girl Love...

Hellooooooo my lovely friends!  I, as usual, have fallen into the bad blogging (translation, forgetting to blog) habits...  I tried blogging about a show, thinking it would force me to do it every week (show was cancelled, btw ugh)... alas, no luck there.  I need to try to do this, I think it would be good for me, I ENJOY writing... so why do I have such trouble writing posts?  Bah!

Ok, well, today I have come to tell you of something AMAZING that I only just discovered existed!  It's called the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club and it is freaking awesome!  I am a geek, I admit it.  I love Sailor Moon and Doctor Who and 80s movies and cartoons and... so many other geeky things lol.  I also love snail mail and reading books and manga.  Sooooo I just signed up for my first pen pal from the club, sign ups are from the 15th of each month till the end of the month :)  Annnnd I just joined their Goodreads book club!  Do I have time for this?  Weeeeeelll....  I'll make it work lol.  It's so cool to be able to find other people who love all sorts of geeky things too :)

I found this awesome site and all its goodness because they are hosting a giveaway by one of my most favorite people on the planet, the incredible Mab Graves.  Love her.  Love.  Adore.  She's not only an incredible artist, but one of the sweetest people on the planet :)

The Labyrinth - miniature painting by Mab Graves 

She's giving away a Labyrinth cameo... *swoons, falls over, swoons again*  Seriously, if I win this giveaway I might die from joy LOL.  You can check out the giveaway by clicking on this here link:

I think I'm finally going to give in and post just whatever I like on this blog lol.  Heaven help all of you lovely followers, you may all run away!  But if you stay I promise it'll be entertaining!  ;)  But my entire "soul's fire" ideal is... what fires your soul, what feeds it, what its passion is.  Well, perhaps if I stick with my passions I'll be able to write a lot more often, yeah?  

Big hugs, everyone, thanks for hanging out with me :)


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  1. There is so much excitement in this post. I am glad you are happy

    1. Thank you, Nicole! We've had some tough times in the past couple years and it has been... hard. LOL But I know everyone has their hard times, their stresses, so I'm trying to get back to the happy me I used to be :D


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