Monday, August 1, 2011


I love Vintaj... and I mean LOVE.  I might be becoming slightly obsessed.  I love their brass, it's just so beautiful!  And all of the ladies who work there are just so cool, so inspiring, so fun!  I love to read their blogs, to see their creations... and, of course, to enter their contests and giveaways :).  I just finished a piece for their carnival ferris wheel challenge and need to photograph and send in my submission... In the meantime, they are having a giveaway!  A gorgeous selection of Vintaj AND gorgeous beads from Creative Impressions in Clay!  How exciting is that?  Check it out on their blog:
If I win... I solemnly swear to create beautiful jewelry with all of the goodies ;)  If you win, I swear I will cheer!  :)

Regardless, I still love Vintaj and am looking forward to submitting my piece for their latest challenge!  I'll post a pic after they have finished accepting submissions on Friday.  For now, here is my piece from their Caribbean Sunset Design Challenge (which I didn't win, but was fun!!!)

Happy Monday, everyone! :)

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