Monday, August 8, 2011

Carnivals Lead to Autumn

It's odd, but even though carnivals and fairs are truly the children of summer they remind me that autumn is coming.  Perhaps it is because growing up our fair was always so deep into August that school was just around the corner.  So today begins the voting on the Carnival Ferris Wheel Challenge at the Vintaj blog, which I have an entry in... *wink* number two if anyone is interested.  And it made me realize that my favorite season is whispering sweet somethings on the edges of the summer breeze.  So... I have a few links for you and my first autumn inspired piece :)

First, the Vintaj Carnival Ferris Wheel Challenge link:

Next... I made an autumn inspired treasury on Etsy this morning, featuring many of my favorite Etsians:

And lastly, though I adore the warm fall colors, I was inspired by the cool autumn breezes to create this bracelet:

I've been feeling a little blue... so maybe that's why the cool breeze struck me more than the changing leaves... but I know that the gorgeous autumn golds, browns, oranges, and reds will be inspiring me soon.  Happy Monday, everyone!


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