Friday, April 27, 2012

Messy Workshop Blog Hop Party

Welcome to the lovely B'sue's  (of B'sue Boutiques)  Messy Workshop Blog Hop!  

So here it is... time to reveal the disaster that is my workspace...  I tend to be in the middle of a dozen projects and ideas at once.  Without further ado... here is the best "large" shot I was able to get.  My table is in a corner, under a window, so please forgive the bad lighting :)

Stacks of papers that have nothing to do with work on one end lol, parts of displays, trays for holding partial projects, a glass vase that is square that I use to hold my tools... three cubbies for holding wire and findings... recycled plastic cases to hold my artisan beads..   As you can see I have a cupcake tin, which holds more in progress projects, or at least bits of projects?  I tend to put things together that I intend to get around to finishing someday... and set them aside like that.  When I took this shot the current project in the middle of the table was the tiara on Rade's lovely head (Rade is the Blythe to the far left in the picture, Stella in the middle, Janet to the far right).  Eli (my husband) calls the Blythes my familiars lol.  They are fun and I love having them around.  

So what comes out of my creative chaos?  I swear it is creative most of the time...  here are a few examples:

So there you go!  My messy workspace and what comes out of it :)  I hope you enjoyed my little bit, now go on... see everyone else's messy worshops!  :)  

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I enjoyed the tour of your mess and the Blythe dolls are so very cute I can see why you like having them around.

  2. What fun! Love the dolls.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the Bythe dolls! I wish I could find one.

    1. Hi Lori! Thank you for stopping in :) There are quite a few places to get Blythe dolls! Ebay is one (look for Neo Blythe Doll on there), that is where I got my Stella (the brunette). The other two were from the Blythe Kingdom which has a buying/selling/trading forum :). If you are interested in checking out the kingdom email me and I'll get you the info you need!

  4. Defy gravity....I've been trying for years! LOVE your creative space, thanks so much for being part of the hop, it was so great to have you.

    1. LOL!!! B'sue! You are so adorable. Thank you so much for hosting and for your wonderful and upbeat attitude! And for the compliment :) You are amazing!

  5. Your "Familiars", I love them! See? Minions are an absolute must in the art world. Thank you for sharing with us. ~ Brassy

    1. Yay! Thank you, Brassy, it is so wonderful to see someone who appreciates my minions ;). Thank you for stopping in!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your space! Love the dolls, so cute!

  7. Cupcake tin!, what a great idea, I love your dollies and very nice work! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I've given up on gravity. The only way for me to defy it is to lay flat on my back. :) Love the look of the workshop!

  9. I enjoyed seeing your workspace!!! I'd say it should be called organized chaos rather than a mess. ;) Thank you for sharing! I love how your girls are there watching over your work. I love the new owl wrap bracelet and the sea star necklace for blythe!

  10. Your admirers are a fun touch. Janet (hope I got that right) relaxing in the last studio picture is cute.

  11. Thanks for the tour of your whimsical and fun workspace!

  12. Your workspace reminds me of mine, especially the stack of papers on one end. I've really got to sort through my junk mail one of these days...

    Loving the dolls. I have a huge collection of Barbie dolls from the days when I did fashion doll customization. Maybe they'll want to visit my studio -- under the condition that they don't have to help me clean it. :)

  13. I would get too distracted by looking out the window lol.

    Do you follow Jean and her Blythe dolls? ( "Snap out of it, Jean, there's beading to be done!"

  14. Mmm cupcakes ; ) Love your space! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi there , Thank you so much for sharing your blog and workspace with all of us...I love your creativity..thanks again bye for now and Happy crafting

  16. Your dolls are so unusual, nice of them to keep you company. Your area looks pretty organized and thanks for sharing...Gerry

  17. I love your little doll friends. Do you make jewelry for them too?? That is so cool. Your workspace is really tidy compared to some people I know (ME)!!

  18. Thanks for sharing your space and your work. Paper is my nemesis. It's everywhere. Hubby is infected, too. Takes so much time to keep it from taking over. Down, paper, down!!!

  19. I love the dolls, too, the hair color is wonderful. I do the same thing you do...I put things together that I intend to finish, and there they will sit for months...oh, and I love the ribbon bracelet with the owl ♥

  20. I love your dolls, they are so cute...wonder if they are making some of the mess?!? Thanks for sharing your space, and I love my bracelet by the way ( I won it in the creative bead chat contest)!

  21. Oh my gosh, the dolls are so cute! Love the bling that you make for them!!! Definitely some good stuff coming out of the rubble! LOL Thanks for sharing your workspace!!! =)

    And, yes, I believe familiars, minions, etc... are great to have around!!! I think in the full shot of my desk you can see the top and it's covered with stuffed animals, an old 80's Troll, some Gargoyles, you can even find ET! LOL And then... my love... Gizmo!!!! LOL And the way he is tilted right now, he's giving quite the sly, mischievous look! LOL Hope he doesn't eat any of my beads after midnight! LOL

  22. I love the dolls, they are just so cute. And I love your creations, especially that bracelet.

  23. Every workshop needs a few dolls! :) Loved seeing your special creative space. :) Warmly, Tracy


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