Monday, May 21, 2012

The War Against My Machine...

Every time I think I am finally going to be able to stay on the blogging bandwagon something happens... illness, family crisis, or in this case... the war between my netbook and I.  My netbook's name is Morrigan (yes, that Morrigan... also called Morgan le Fay), apparently naming her that over two years ago was a mistake because boy does she have a bad attitude ;).  The good news is I had a friend help me out and she seems to be mollified for the moment, though I believe a new computer is inevitable *sigh*.

Anyway!  I had planned on writing out a happy little post with my first of two (or maybe even three) giveaways celebrating my one year shop anniversary over a week ago!  I am so behind thanks to Morrigan *grumbles*.  So, on to the giveaway!  I will be giving away this lovely wrap bracelet to one lucky winner:

Key to My Heart Wrap Bracelet

I will also be giving away this set of four bracelets (seed bead fun :) ) to a second lucky winner:

New bracelet fun

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment and tell me... your favorite thing about May :) (oh and PLEASE leave my your email address unless you use blogger and have email turned on already, otherwise I can't contact you to tell you you have won! :) ).  For a second/third/etc entry share this giveaway on FB, Twitter, or your blog (make sure to leave separate comments for each entry leaving me a link :) ).  I will draw the two winners next Tuesday (May 29th)!  I am also having a sale for my FB fans, so go check out my FB page for the coupon code :).

And on to other news...  here are some of the things I've been working on :)

Earth's Embrace Earrings

Key to Dreaming Necklace

Midnight Flowers

All three items are currently for sale in my shop :)  Soul's Fire Designs on Etsy.

Thank you all of you for dropping by and good luck in the drawing!



  1. Sorry to hear you are still having problems with your computer. My laptop was freezing up all the time and had been for a couple of years, but then my antivirus ran out (it was good for two years) and I had to buy a new one and so far, ever since using a new antivirus, I've had no freezes! (I'm now using Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012) I hope you can get the problems you're having straightened out!

    I love your new creations, Jennifer! And your giveaway items are lovely! You make the prettiest jewelry!

    Now, let's see. What is my favorite thing about May? I have a few of them. It seems that the month of May is when the temperatures finally start staying warm. Gardens are planted and lovingly tended to. Flowers are blooming everywhere and they perfume the air with their sweet scent. All the trees are so green and lush. Birds are very active and are taking care of their hatchlings. And at the end of May is memorial weekend, which not only is an important holiday for remembering those that have lost their lives for this country, but it also signifies the official start of the summer season, even though technically summer doesn't start until later in June. This means that swimming pools, amusement parks, water parks, and other fun summer activities finally open up full time for the season! What a wonderful month May is!

  2. Beautiful pieces, as always :) My favorite thing about May, aside from my son's birthday, is the weather starting to get nicer so the kids and I can do more outdoorsy type activities :)

  3. Happy one year anniversary Jennifer!!! Glad to see you back! Please tell Morrigan to be more cooperative ... we miss your online presence! =)

  4. Computer problems are THE WORST- you just can't function without the technology, or with dealing with the anger! :-) What I love about May.... The smell... the color... the warming of my toes that can peek out from flip flops now... and the last breath of freedom while the boys are in school (also excitedly anticipating them being home and free from a schedule for 2 months!!!)

    Hope the computer gets fixed soon, and your new work is lovely (as usual!!)

  5. CONGRATS on your one year anniversary!!! I love May because my beautiful 6 ft. Rose Bush is in full bloom and beautiful wild flower garden is beautiful colors and growing huge along with my annuals. I love all the spring/summer colors and of course the outdoors.


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