Monday, February 11, 2013


I am a naughty blogger!  I didn't make a post at all last week for my gladness or anything else!  And now this one is very late *sigh*  I will only say that three weeks with a sick six year old, five year old, and almost three year old begins to wear on a mama lol.  I'll keep this very quick!

My 7 Things That Make Me Glad:

1)  Jane Austen's novels.  I honestly am not sure if I have a favorite, I love them all well... but I do think Lizzie is my favorite heroine.

2)  Sara Bareilles, she has an amazing voice that just lets emotions free, love it!

3)  Donutzies... don't know what those are?  You should ;)  They are the quirky invention of a new friend of mine, Mrs.  Kimberly Munn (who is a wicked cool lady, by the way!).  You can check out pics of her Donutzies here:
And her shop here:

4)  Scotch tape... think about all the things it does!  (Though arguably the silver stuff is more amazing ;)).

5)  Rice.  One of those staple foods that can be used in a bajillion ways and has saved me many times lol.

6)  Rainbows.  God's promise after the rain.  Beautiful.  Hopeful.  Cheerful.

7)  Dancing.  I'm not talking the awesome formal stuff people do, but the kind you do in your living room by yourself or, if you are like me, with your awesome little ones :)

Until next week... may your week be filled with glad things!  (And let yourself find them in the every day :) )


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