Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Another Glad (and Manic) Monday

How have you been?  How was your January?  Can you believe we're coming to the end of it already? I can't!  Almost a month into the new year... just wow!  I am trying to get back into my working habits, I was in a bit of a slump after the holidays and then we've been hit by illness after illness it seems.  Still, I am determined to get back on track!  Here are some of my new pieces:

Sneak Peek:  And though she be but little...

Sneak Peek:  Sweet Key Necklace

Update :)

Not too shabby, eh?  I'm pretty excited.  It feels good to be working again :)  And now... for my list of the week!

What Makes Me Glad:

1)  Cheddar cheese and apple slices  (together)

2)  Coffee.  (preferably a great deal of coffee..)

3)  Shepuppy Blythe dresses (seriously awesome!!!!  Here's Greta's store link  and her Flickr )

4)  Friendly office staff at doctor's offices...  I just had to call mine and everyone I talked to was just so nice and it's amazing what a difference that makes!

5)  Old friends...  you know the ones?  Where you can see them/write them/phone them for the first time in years and pick up like it was only yesterday?

6)  Tolkien.  I am rereading the books to my children at bedtime and am falling in love with his work all over again.  (ok, ok, the love never stopped, but still!  Treebeard is so cool!)

7)  Musical gladness of the week?  Eliza Dolittle!

Thank you YouTube :)

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed my gladness for the week ;)  What makes YOU glad today?



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