Thursday, October 20, 2011

Artisan Giveaway... Oh my lucky me!

So... as some of you may know... I was one of the incredibly lucky people selected in the Artisan Group Huge 2000 Fan Giveaway!  Now, I have to tell you, I am one of those people who generally enters all sorts of contests and giveaways... and never wins a darn thing!  So when I saw that I had won THIS I about had a heart attack!  And then... then I was giddy.  I still am, actually!  I feel so special and fortunate and... yes!  Yay!  Ok, so rumour has it each of the winners is supposed to get six items.  So far I have received five of mine and the last is on its way today! :)  So I want to tell you about what I got so that I can introduce you to some very cool ladies and shops as a thank you to them and to the Artisan Group itself :)  First off... if you don't know about the Artisan Group, I encourage you to check out their blog, they are an amazing group that aims to get handcrafted goodies into the hands of celebrities (through swag bags and such).  Check them out!

Ok, now, several of these wonderful ladies were kind enough to drop me an email and let me know my happy prize was on its way.  The first of these was the lovely Shawna of Wags and Wiggles, and let me tell ya it is the cutest little lobster dog toy!  It is really well made and going to the dog of a good friend of mine, I'll try and get pics of the introduction between the two at a later date ;)
Here's the pic from the Artisan blog:
Isn't it cute?  Love!  You can check out Shawna's Etsy shop by clicking the store name above, she also has a FB page:

Next up is the gorgeous silver filigree cuff bracelet blank I received from LexiBeads, I still am debating... but I'm thinking maybe of adding some sari silk... we'll see.  If I do I will definitely post pictures :)  It is so pretty on its own that it is hard to decide LOL.  Here it is on my wrist as is :)

And Alexis is a total sweetheart, here are her links!!/lexibeads
She also has a page for her jewelry, make sure you check that out too!

Next up is Kathryn of Kathryn Designs, her pendant is so much lovelier in person, it absolutely shimmers!  Here is my attempt at taking a picture of it in the awful light in my house...  and yes, that is my daughter's head in the background LOL!  
Here's the pic from the Artisan Group blog, much better one lol:

Another totally sweet lady, I am so excited to meet all of these new artisans!  Here are her links:

Artfire shop:
Facebook page:

The next goodies I received were some Boo Boo Balm and Soothing Lip Rescue Balm from Scentability :)  I haven't tried the Boo Boo Balm as of yet, but the lip balm  smells like cotton candy and is amazing!  Here are her links:!/scentability

And lastly of the fabulous goodies I have been so blessed to receive is a set of gorgeous Thank You cards from Simply Paperie, here's the pic from the Artisan blog:

And her links!!/simplypaperie

So, thank you, thank you, to all of you who have sent me such wonderful things and to the Artisan Group for doing this amazing giveaway!!  I will blog about any other goodies I receive as I get them :)  And if you have a minute, you should totally check out some of these links!  These are some truly wonderful shops!

Have a fantastic day!



  1. Ooh, you got some lovely items! Congratulations on winning! The Artisan Group really has some incredible talent doesn't it? I love Simply Paperie's products!

  2. I know, Ruby, aren't I?? Thank you, Susan! I feel so incredibly spoiled! And am totally in awe of the talented people I have met through this! Simply Paperie's cards are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to use them!

  3. great blog post! what a lucky lady!

  4. You got lovely items.
    Pssst - your description of Alexis is spot on ;-)

  5. Wow!! Jennifer, Congratulations!!! That is an AWESOME win!! :D I'm sooo happy for you! yayayayyyy!!


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