Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sweet Tarts, Singing, and a Few Favorite Things

I have been playing with more tiles... I love tiles... and I am fortunate to know several amazing ladies who make gorgeous tiles.  The two I'm excited to show you today are from the lovely and wonderful Janice of JLynn Jewels.  Her tiles are just always so warm and inspiring, I love them!  This first is another wrap bracelet, when I saw this cute little tile it just seemed so sweet and reminded me of those little sweet tart hearts I used to eat when I was little, the ones that were... tart.  Not the sugar hearts you get for Valentine's lol.

And how delicious is the silk ribbon?  It has the loveliest shades of purple, blue, mint, and a hint of pink.  Color Kissed Silk makes such gorgeous ribbon!  And then my second piece is another lariat, though a different type.  I saw this Sing tile in Janice's shop and... it's one of those that I had to have.  I love to sing.  I have always loved to sing.  My mother once teased that I could sing before I could speak ;).  I was in choirs all throughout school, even at UO for most of my time there.  Anyway, there I go rambling again!  I love to sing and when I saw the sing tile I had to snag it and play with it!  I have the most lovely vintage brass ring from Fallen Angel Brass Co.  and it just seemed like they belonged together lol.  So here we are... Sing!

I just love the way it turned out!  Click on either of the pics to be taken to the shop listing where there are more pics if you are interested :)

Now, I've decided to start trying to show you a few of my favorite things here and there... why?  Because I love to share ;)  So here is the first for today:
Isn't that the sweetest ring?  It's by the wonderful April of Pieces of April on Etsy.  She's a real sweetheart, just like her amazing mama, Mary, who made these gorgeous earrings:
and does the most beautiful poetry.  You have to check out their shops!  They are the most wonderfully warm, funny, and talented ladies!
And since I said few.. I should add at least one other favorite thing.  This is a bracelet by the fabulous Patty of My Life Under The Bus stardom, if you don't read her blog yet, you so need to start!  Anyway, here's this bracelet that I am totally in love with:

So there you have it...  sweet tarts, singing, and a few favorite things!  Happy Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Aww XOXO Thanks so much Jennifer and Janice is awesome too! Great picks XOXO

  2. That ring is wonderful, and I just think Patty's bracelet with the word hope so beautifully etched is fantastic. Thanks for a glimpse at your favorite things!

  3. Aww, thanks, Sally! So glad you enjoyed it :) I'll have to do it again soon, always o many more things I just love! LOL :)


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