Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sage and Mage

Oh... where to begin?  I can't even remember how I found her sweet little FB page, but Gennifer (the lovely woman behind the shop) is just the sweetest soul.  I love to read her descriptions on everything she creates... her handmade from scratch goodies all just sound like heavenly goodness.  She makes everything from perfumes, to lip balms, to teas... to gorgeous jewelry.  And when I say gorgeous?  I mean it.  Her color combinations make me swoon.  This one for example, it's one of her Happy Bracelets:

Really does make you happy, doesn't it?  It just makes me think of delicious candies or something... so rich and luscious.  I'm also totally drooling over her chocolate mint lip balm... yum!

Check out her awesome shop intro:

"If Sage and Mage was a real-life shop, it would be a small, old house. You would release the smell of lemon thyme by treading up a soft, green path to the porch. The porch steps would creak, a raven would call, and the door would open, welcoming you. Light would stream in the windows, illuminating shelf upon shelf of tinctures, treasures, trinkets, lotions and potions. Strange and wonderful herbs would hang in bunches from the ceiling. 

But what you are looking for would be in a small back room with the phantom scent of violets, in an ancient wooden cabinet, in a tiny drawer, in a tiny box...

Welcome, and I hope you find what you are looking for..."

Isn't it fabulous?  Don't you just want to check it out?  What are you waiting for?!

There's her shop link.  Now I was the insanely lucky winner of her giveaway last month, I just got my bracelet a few days ago and it is just absolute perfection!  She let me pick my own color scheme and I said something "ocean-y"  and oh my!  It is so beautiful!  And it smells like yummy amber too.  *happy sigh* Love this woman.  Here are my pics, first up, when I opened her package (all the way from Australia!!! How cool is that?) she made everything so beautiful!

And then...  oh oh!
and of course... a few shots of it on...

and the smaller flower:

Isn't it just stunning?!  I cannot get over the layers of fabric on the flowers, so delicate and just GORGEOUS. I am in awe.  Thank you, thank you, Gennifer!  You are wonderful!  My oceanic dream come true :)  Now... just in case you missed it the first time.. here are her links:
Go and see her beautiful shop!  Check out her oils, her balms, butters.. perfumes... and lovely jewelry!

Happy Tuesday everyone!



  1. Both bracelets are lovely! Love the colors and textures. Congrats on the win and thanks for sharing Gennifer's talent.

  2. What a cute little shop! Isn.t it funny how we have little pictures in our heads of what our shops would be like in real life? XO

  3. Thanks Lola! I am spoiled!

    Patty, I KNOW! It's crazy, isn't it? But I think we all do... and who knows, maybe someday we'll have them ;)


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