Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pre-Holiday Fair Madness

I have never done a craft fair... I've been to a handful over the years and always thought how amazing the vendors were.  To be able to make beautiful and or useful things with their hands seemed so wonderful to me, still does :). So now, to be doing this myself is just crazy to me, but exciting :)  Doing all of this prep for it has been a bit exhausting and I'm still nowhere near done, it's amazing how the smallest tasks take forever when you have three littles lol.  I've got about a million ideas for jewelry pieces in my head right now and I've started acquiring ways to display my jewelry, thank you second hand stores!  Unfortunately they need to be sanded, which I started last night and I had forgotten what a pain that is to do by hand...  hopefully I'll be able to paint tonight or tomorrow.

I thought I'd show you what my bead table looks like at the moment, to give you an idea of the chaos reigning ;)  I have finished pieces mingling with barely started ideas...  Marsha Neal silk ribbon... KAS ribbon.... tons of Fallen Angel Brass Co. brass... charms, chain, jump rings... swarovski crystals.  Yup, a royal mess LOL.

It's actually much better today than it was last night... sad as that is LOL.  And I won't even show you the floor which is even worse... boxes of beads, packaging, silks, my metal working stuff... it's a disaster.  Here's one of the things I picked up to use for displaying, it needs a bit of work, but it has potential.  I was playing around with it last  night trying to imagine how I was going to use it.

It's a nifty cork board with a wood frame that appealed to me, I really like its length.  But it definitely needs a little something, so we'll see what I end up with when I'm finished jazzing it up.  I also got that pretty little tray in the first pic above on the left.  Sorry these pics aren't the best, used my ipod lol.  See those earrings in the middle pic?  I got some new and insanely gorgeous lampwork beads from one of my favorite artists (Iris Glass Art) within hours of getting them earrings made themselves, I swear it!  

I had big plans for taking the kids and the camera and getting pics of them in the leaves this weekend, but... didn't happen lol.  They've all been fighting with a bit of a cold and I decided we'll try maybe after school tomorrow :). How was your weekend?  Did you do anything deliciously autumnal?  Or is Old Man Winter nipping at your ears already?  Whichever it is, I hope you had a lovely weekend and it leads to a fabulous week!



  1. Your studio area sounds just like mine...glad I am not alone! I too am preparing for a craft show that is on November 19th- less than two weeks left to create and prepare! Unfortunately, I missed peak leaf viewing in Maryland because I was in upstate New York last week. It is my favorite time of year too. I'll have to make up for it next year!

  2. I did my first show this past weekend and have spent today trying to get things back in order having somehow spread my jewellery paraphenalia over the whole house!! My big lesson for the future is start sooner and however long you think it will take to prepare - double it!

    Looks like you have some great ideas and I hope it all goes well for you.

  3. That old man winter totally kicked my ass but today I am celebrating by spray painting to get the house ready for THANKGIVING omg by the time I clean up after this whole lack of power debacle it will be THANKSGIVING...HELP ME....I just did my first show - you'll have a blast! XOXO

  4. @Kathleen Oh my, I am so glad to hear I'm not alone in the messiness LOL. It is so awful right now! Good luck with your show!!
    @Lesley. Oh boy, I wish I knew how everything gets everwhere LOL. Thank you for the advice, I am wishing I had started prepping much sooner but I wasn't sure if I'd make it to the fair and now EEK!
    @Patty. Aww, Patty, you poor girl, that power outage did you a serious disservice. I vote for a do-over ;). I'm positive it'll be gorgeous whatever you get done!

  5. Looking good!! You will have such a fun time and a great way to network with others!! :) Let us know how it goes!

  6. Looks like you are getting quite a bit done...good luck with it all...let us know how it all turned out!


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