Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sari Blog Hop Reveal

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So... here we are... the day of the big reveal :)  I had a lot of fun with this one, I am coming to just love the look of the sari ribbon... soft, elegant, romantic... and has the potential to be deliciously fun and boho!  So, you may ask, how did I decide what to do?  Well, I actually had two pieces I wanted to do, but the necklace... still isn't there yet, so I am going to show you all the piece I did do :)

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I present "Hope and Chocolate"...

I know what you're thinking... what a weird name, right?  Well, when I was making it, I just had to put the pinks with these chocolate-y browns... and the color so does remind me of semi-sweet chocolate.  As I sat there and thought about cancer and oddly enough, chocolate.  I thought well... hope is a bit like semi-sweet chocolate... hope makes things that are bitter and hard more bearable.  It gives us the strength to make it through things, it gives us a reason to keep going.  And... there I go getting all romantic and sappy lol.  Alright, here are a few other pics, I really love how this turned out!

Most of the brass on this is by Fallen Angel Brass Co., all of the wire and the headpins.  The charm is Vintaj though.

I don't know what it is about the fraying on the ribbon that is so appealing, but it is.  I think it softens the stones, softens the wire... sweetens it.

Love it!  I hope you love it too!  :)  If anyone is interested, it is now up in the shop!
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  1. Now that's really pretty! What a great idea:-))))

  2. Great job on the bracelet. I love that you chose to honor breast cancer awareness with it. I'm sure it won't stay in your shop long. That bright pink is just gorgeous, and I really like how it winds thru the beads.

  3. I love that. What a great piece. And I think the name totally fits.

  4. Very pretty piece and with a wonderful message.

  5. Who doesn't love pink? Great job, thanks for participating, and thanks to all who visited us at B'sue Boutiques, hop sponsors. I am just so happy for all the brilliant partipation. I love pink and brown together; we're in the midst of planning a homepage facelift and those are the colors we're unique! I hope you will consider joining B'sue Boutiques Creative Group, and feel free to post your photo there, too, since it's for the sari hop. Joining is fun, fast, free, if you haven't yet, consider this your personal invite! THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN!

  6. Wow...goes great with my morning coffee! Now...where are those hershey kisses? Love the piece. Great job.

  7. before even go to the part where you named it I thought is was a comforting, soft and very appealing piece that would make anyone feel pretty. The name you gave it sealed the deal. Lovely.

  8. Oh Jennifer - I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one and I think it's the perfect name :) - Pink and brown are such a romantic color combo too - simply perfect - and I loved your sappy explanation and details too <3 ~JLynn

  9. Love! I'm not a pink person but it's fantastic!

  10. Personally, I am not a pink person but, I would so wear this with a brown T-shirt...very simple and CUTE! Now, I am off to hope I find some the name! ;o)

  11. Hope and Chocolate - what a lovely name and equally lovely bracelet!

  12. Love it! Pink and brown are always such a nice color combination and the name and cause are great!

  13. The pink and brown are just beautiful together. I love the design. The name is perfect.

  14. I love pink, especially HOT pink. Cool bracelet!

  15. Beautiful and romantic bracelet! Pink and brown is such a good combo (partially the reason why I can actually use pink sometimes as I'm not a "pink person"). The bracelet feels very warm and vibrant, positive.

    I like that philosophy on hope and chocolate too.

  16. That is really fun! Pink and brown have always been faves for me :)

  17. Oh I love this! The pinks and browns are wonderful! Pretty in pink :)

  18. I didn't realize the pink and brown looked so good together. Great job!

  19. One of my favs at the blog hop...maybe it's just dear to my heart since I'm a hospice nurse and love chocolate too! Pink and brown is beautiful!

  20. so very very pretty and I love the way you think!
    xox jean!

  21. I love the soft, slinky feel of this, and pink is a fave of mine, both for breast cancer awareness, and because pink just makes me happy! Great piece!

  22. The bright pink and brown are the perfect pair. The bracelet is beautiful, and nice to do something for breast cancer awareness.

  23. Great design--I love the name! Makes perfect sense to me. And how wonderful to honor Breast Cancer Awareness month as well.

  24. It really is a great design, pink and chocolate go great together. You gave it the perfect name. It is fun awareness jewelry to wear.

  25. You made a very elegant vibrant bracelet!
    Love the way you build it.

    If you have passed through my website to leave me a comment then I want to apologies, as leaving comments was impossible.
    I have sorted things out now, and I really would appreciate it, if you stopped by to leave me your comment in this splendid Blog-Hop!

  26. What a wonderful idea to make a pink bracelet this month! Love the "chocolate" touches!

  27. I absolutely think your design is brillant-I am in the process of making ribbon awareness pieces too- LOL!! I love all the pink and the brass stampings- very well done Kudos!! I just love Sari Ribbon! I was not able to be apart of the party yesterday ude to family obligations. I hope you wi;; have a chance to visit my blog @: :)

  28. Wow, it's gorgeous! And I love what it represents :)

  29. The color on this is just gorgeous - and the bracelet is so bright and cheerful - Love it!!!

  30. Hi Jennifer! I am a slow hopper! I could not comment using my phone, so I am finally visiting again on my computer! I love that you used the pink and chocolate for awareness of breast cancer! Your design is beautiful... bright, cozy, pretty! Thanks!

  31. Jennifer! That is beautiful. Good job. :-D
    Marla James


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